Boreal BioEnergy Leaders.Innovators.Pioneers. 

Boreal Bioenergy Corporation (BBC), is a British Columbia based company committed to renewable and sustainable forestry-based energy production.

The Company has plans well underway to construct and operate torrefied wood pellet plants in several locations across British Columbia and Alberta.

The manufactured pellets will supply a rapidly growing global demand for biomass products increasingly used in industrial utility power generating facilities.

Torrefied pellets offer significant advantages over conventional white pellets and other biomass options:

  • They consist solely of thermally conditioned biomass, i.e. 100% wood with no natural or artificial additives
  • Their mechanical and physical properties are highly desirable logistically for use in dedicated biomass power plants to replace coal.
  • They repel water, (hydrophobic), are grindable, (similar to coal), have reduced fines and very low dust compared to conventional ‘white’ pellets, and have a higher calorific
  • Given their similar properties to coal, there are no restrictions to the allowable percentage of co-firing. Even full-firing in a non-dedicated biomass power plant is possible.